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!Forum Rules! (English)

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16 Ocak 2020
Tepkime puanı
Forum Rules
We recommend that you read our rules.

1-) Before opening a new topic, check if the information about the topic you will open is in the forum. If there is a topic with the same or similar content in the forum, please do not open a different topic. If there is a topic similar to this, if the topic you have opened by our section moderators is detected, it will be removed and you will be informed. (It is forbidden to open a topic on different categories from the same topic.)
2-) You can easily forward your suggestions, complaints and other notifications about any topic or message to the section moderator of the relevant topic by using the "Notify" button. For other cases, you can reach the super moderators via private message or use the Contact page. (It is forbidden to occupy the reporting department unnecessarily.)
3-) Please use the "Report" button instead of saying "Given" or "Such posts are forbidden" to messages that were given before or that were opened incorrectly and that are against the forum rules. If it has already been given, please add the link of the previously given topic in the description section. Those who write such messages will be deleted. If it continues, they will receive a warning.
4-) When opening a new topic, the titles should be appropriate and descriptive. More meaningful titles should be chosen instead of titles such as "Help", "Help", "Help me urgently". Remember that the more descriptive the title is, the more accessible it will be.
5-) Topics should be opened in the right category. It is forbidden to send messages that are irrelevant and / or meaningless.
6-) All or almost all of the message content should not be written in capitals/bold letters and/or in color. We do not recommend using too many expressions in the messages as it will pollute the subject.
7-) It is forbidden to use shortened links for earning. (Link.TL etc.)
8 -) The title and the content of the message must comply with the Turkish spelling rules. Headings should start with a capital letter and message content should not be in all uppercase or lowercase letters. It should be written as "Sample Title" or "Sample Title". (All captions will be removed or locked by our section moderators.)
9-) All the swearing, slang, insulting, humiliating, humiliating, offending words in the forum; The use of all kinds of speeches, texts, pictures, videos and all other materials that are against religion, language, racial discrimination or disturb the peace of the forum is prohibited.
It is forbidden to use words and words that offend our members. You can get a warning and then a suspension.
Insulting Forum Moderators is prohibited.
It is forbidden to harass members or send harassing messages via private messages.
10-) It is forbidden to use the forum as an advertising tool.
11-) It is forbidden to make politics in the forum. Initiative will be recognized at the time of local elections determined by the administrators.
12-) It is strictly forbidden to give links to files (crack, serial, warez) that violate copyrights and to share them on the site. In addition, with the help of Torrent, copyrighted series, movies, etc. It is forbidden to open or share a help topic for publications.
13-) If it is quoted from another site, the name of the original source must be given. If it is necessary to obtain permission from the place of reference, necessary permission should be obtained.
14-) It is forbidden to share false information in the forum. Giving false information to users without sufficient knowledge of the subject will direct that user to a wrong product.
15-) It is forbidden to publish pornographic images and links in the forum.
16-) It is forbidden for members to open more than one account. Note that you have a chance to lose your main account if it is detected.
17-) It is forbidden to use avatars containing profanity, slogans, pornographic content or party logo.
18- ) It is forbidden to give links to free software from upload sites. Modified freeware can be shared.
19-) Changes can be made to the Forum Rules at any time, the changes will take effect from the date of publication on the site. If changes are made to the forum rules, members will be informed by an announcement.
20-) The user who enters the content in question is responsible for the topics and contents opened in the Forum, the Forum owner and management do not accept any responsibility for any problems that may arise.
21-) Each user is responsible for his own account regarding account security.
22-) While using the new membership system of our members, VPN etc. It is forbidden to use. If it is a VPN, it will act as Spam.
23-) Members who do not abide by the forum rules can be punished as stated in the Punishment System below, or they can be penalized at the discretion of the moderators.
24-) Forum does not share your information with third parties/institutions unless there is a legal obligation.
25-) Everyone who is a member of the forum is deemed to have accepted the rules stated above.

26-) It is forbidden to write to someone else's exchange topic. Please contact via PM.

27-) In accordance with the forum rules and laws, sharing of files, games or other programs that require a fee is prohibited.
Please keep this in mind when sharing.

28 -) All files we provide are for testing purposes. Everyone is responsible for misuse or any problem. We accept absolutely no liability.
The rules in this section apply to all areas of the forum.

What you can do:
• Be Good and Polite
Every person deserves respect. Writing positive, warm-hearted messages will create a warm and friendly environment where all our members will feel comfortable.

• Search
Most questions have been asked before. Search first to find a solution to your problem, if you still can't find it, you can feel free to open a topic. To keep the forum clean, be careful not to open the same topics over and over again.

• Think Before You Send a Message
Logical, well-thought-out, legible and understandable messages are the most effective way to tell other members what you want to say.

• Report
If you see content that is inappropriate, report it. This will be reported to the authorities and will be dealt with as soon as possible.

• Publish Content in the Right Section
Posting your topic in the right section will help it reach relevant users in that area. Topics posted in the wrong section will be moved to the relevant section by our moderators and a warning will be given.

• Stay on Topic
On a topic, stick to the content of the topic. Different topics should be opened for different discussions.

• Use Turkish Correctly
Be careful to use our beautiful language correctly in your subjects. Incomprehensible texts that do not comply with punctuation marks cannot be understood by other users and also spoil the visual pleasure.

What you cannot do
1- Use of Swearing/Insults

As a family-friendly forum, all our content must be appropriate for all age groups. Any posts containing inappropriate content may result in a penalty. To these; Included are images, videos, self-censoring (a.../s***r), types of censoring used in different forums, and abbreviations (bs).

2- Spam

Including posts for topic update purposes; Posts containing messages such as "+1", "+++", "super", "nice", "up", "tytdsdccc" and so on (excluding "thanks")
Messages containing only emoticons (emoji),
General and similar messages sent to increase the number of messages,
To collectively tag 9 or more users to the topic in order to draw attention to it,
Messages and topic titles containing more than 50% of the content in capital letters (except for the profile messages section),
messages containing meaningless phrases or expressions,
"Search on Google" style messages sent to the topics of members looking for a solution,
Messages containing completely special symbols,
It is considered spam and is not allowed. This rule is flexible on profiles, chat box, social forums categories and private conversations; If this flexibility is abused, the member may receive a warning.
Apart from this, if messages containing only caps or gifs are relevant to the topic, they will not be counted as spam and a warning will not be given. Messages that are not related to the topic title are considered spam and warning points may be given.

3- Repeating the Same Topics

Opening the same topic more than once is considered spam and is not allowed. Opening topics like this is against the forum rules. Additionally, a server can have at most one topic in the Servers section; If there is already an active server topic, opening new topics for this server may cause you to receive a warning.

4- Product Sales

Unauthorized sales are prohibited within the forum. If you make unauthorized sales, you will be punished with a warning. You are prohibited from providing contact information for any content that may be offered for sale without the seller's authorization. Indirect sales under the name of promotion are prohibited. Additionally, if you do not have sales authority, you are prohibited from commenting on product request topics. These rules are established to protect customers.

Additionally, if you sell products as a team, you can make your team promotions in the Member Relations Department. You are not allowed to give prices or contact information about the products you sell on the topic in which you introduce your team.

The reliability of your purchases with members who have seller authority is uncertain. If you are defrauded by a member with seller authority, the relevant seller's authority will be taken away and punished as a result of reporting sufficient evidence to the Forum Support Department. Do not try to buy products from members who do not have seller authority. When members without seller authority want to sell to you, report the relevant content. We would like to point out that a suspected fraudulent member may be banned in order to prevent the possibility of committing a crime using our forum. Also, if you want to share any content for free, you can use the resources section; It is forbidden to send private messages stating that you will share for free or provide free services.
Forum Rules and Legal Notice
The products sold by members or teams with sales authority are not required to be produced by themselves. Therefore, there will be no problem in selling the resources you bought from someone else, but in cases such as selling the purchased product by multiplying it, the topic related to the content you sold may be removed upon the request of the original owner of the resource. In this case, you can sell the same product or
If you continue to do so, your sales authorization may be taken.

Legal warning:
Important !! Since our site is a forum site, users can instantly write all their opinions on the site without prior approval. According to law no. 5651, any liability that may arise from these articles belongs to the users who write them. According to law no. 5651, our site is not obliged to control messages, and if we are contacted via the contact section regarding illegal or copyrighted posts, the relevant issue will be removed within 48 hours at the latest. Videos on our site YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc. taken from video sharing sites. Copyright responsibility of those sites. There is no video of one of our servers ever. Forum Management.

Good forums.

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