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release date: 1.2.2022

MultiCS r100-rc52 Public Insider - Broken Arrow - MEGAcACHE - Version: xDecrypt - a5585e37c4c515c59bda1d5ab5eab4ec6d83469d

------- changed compilation optimalizations from Server to VPS --------
------- fixed some memory leaks causing higher memory usage and cpu load on VPS--------
------- mgcamd connections stabilization fix --------
------- cccam connections stabilization fix --------
------- identified issue with overload, causing it missing default parameters in main config --------
------- this issue depends on usage of cs378x mode cacheex when it's raised above value of 2 --------
------- for higher values as 2 starting from rc51 (where is allowed maxhop 10) --------
------- it's causing big load on cacheex, in rc52 should be fixed, if maxhop parameter is missing --------
------- in config, or it's in a part of configs/includes where is not taken right value --------
------- it's set to 2 code as default value in any cases, except of right set values from 3 to 10 --------
------- many changes of colorization and columns width and texts for better design --------
------- attached bicho1890 style as default style now (thx) --------
------- for more styles there was added parameter for color change for connected columns --------
------- needed to add this parameter to config: --------
------- bog clean-up of debug log messages -> moved to state when not active turbomode --------
------- added VPS memory manager for more better memory management --------
------- raised usage of RAM memory for better performance --------
------- always keep parameters above and parameters for iptables and default parameters --------
------- in main config, main config should contains from above to lower : HTTP values --------
------- CACHE values; include files; main parameters; values for buttons: iptables; --------
------- for Multics Profiles; VPS profiles; Defauls parameters; pairing key --------
------- otherwise you may get unstable behaviour --------

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