MultiCS Güncel Multics R82 Hellboy HB36


- [FIX] CS378X fixed, now working LG Cacheex from OSCAM ( here must be some more funtionalities to Implement because only connect and
      if LG active then no hits ) and CS378X Normal lines working again
- [ENH] Added sort to all important Fields like in: Cache ( HOST, IP, ADDRESS, PING, REQUESTS, REPLIES, SENT REQ, SENT REP, CACHE HITS, INSTANT HITS )
     and on Profiles( TOTALECM, ACCEPTEDECM, ECM OK ) and at least in CacheEX ( HITS, INSTANT HITS ). If you are with mouse over these Tables the update is
     working only on ROW where the mouse over situated, if you move the mouse out of table the refresh comes back like normal. For sort you have to click on
     these Fields from table, every click change the sort order Descending then Ascending

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