MultiCS Güncel Multics-r82-Hellboy-v45


## Changelog
## r82-hellboy-V45
- [FIX] Editor if not fullscreen the linenumbers was broken
- [ENH] Added filtering possibility on Debug, and the whole Debug Page was rebuild for better user experience
- [SEC] Up now will be generated md5 hash for all files and added to checklist.chk to able to identify if the HB original version is
- [ENH] Added some more info to debug by checksum errors
- [ENH] New profile option SIDSSKIPEXTRACRC, with this option you can skip CRC Check for CW if there on same caid,provid also same sid but different Provider
- [ENH] Added scroll to top in Editor Show current Config Page
- [ENH] Added global option to Disable peers with high ping CACHE MAXPING: 100 # value is in milliseconds (default = 100 max 200)
- [ENH] Enable 186D Caid to set Provid (003511) in Profiles
- [ENH] Now you can create separate profiles with same caid and provid and will identify on request by sid. If there no sid could be identified then will get the last founded profile with caid and provid

check the cfg it have 2 multcs.cfg and also check changelog as well

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